Uncle Kumar's latest winning lottery tickets and testimonials from winning members (orang yang menang dan berjaya)

Thanks to all members for sharing the pictures and also your testimony!! That Uncle Kumar 4D is a powerful and true sifu master 4d! You are all a super bunch of people who make my website and also my mind so colorful and wonderful. Thanks for your patronage !!

Uncle Kumar 4D, the mathemagician from Malaysia has won for many members lots of prizes. You can hear many winners speaking in these you tube videos. You can also visit my Youtube channel and see all my videos. The videos shown here are just a sample quanity only. There are lots of my videos in youtube. Just search "Uncle Kumar 4D" in youtube!

Many members feedback to me that seeing winning tickets itself is a motivation for them to desire and hope to win lots and lots of nice prizes for them in future 4D games. After all, we all live on optimistic hopes for a better tomorrow, a better day and a lucky day !!

My 4D "Sniffer System" for ramalan prediction has been commercial since the year 2014 and I will always keep on improving my system in the background for the benefit of all members and patrons. Even though you may not know about background improvements, you may feel that accuracy levels are improving as you progress through. That is my commitment. Nobody can be perfect in anything. Only GOD can. So, we have to be positive and keep on the small improvements, in whatever way it can be done.

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